Own Commercial Projects
Find here some somples of the job we did, this is just a temporary gallery
we are going to update this section with more projects asap.

Mall I Granili di Corte

Granili Di Corte is a Mall of  9000 m2 circa on two level, this particular project is still under construction on the exit of the highway in a very busy place , the idea in this project is to create a quite light structure in contrast with a common Commercial structure very heavy and with height visual impact , the roof is inspire by  the wind between the trees.

Mall Sidicinum

Sidicinum is a mall of 36000 m2 circa plus parking space with several commercial activity such as Jewellery, Travel Agency, Food platform, and so on. In this particular project we come across all the RIBA stage from the strategic definition to the use of the god, the idea of this project was to join Elegance and Commercial Activity in a light structure in the way to give the feeling of a big open space. with is four big roof windows and the central gallery with a huge glass roof we create a space full of natural light made to enjoy the free time.