Residential Projects
Find here some somples of the job we did, this is just a temporary gallery
we are going to update this section with more projects asap.

Librace's Home

Librace's home is a renovation of a old
family house with an additional loft extension, the house is situated in Italy, in this particular case we face  a full structural renforce for a 4 story building also own challenge was to delivery a modern design on a very old house . 

Towers in Bagdad

Towers in Baghdad is a residential
complex of multiple Towers in Bagdad with different topology of flats design for a high density residential district, the tower is design in the way to give to every flat a exterior space with a green area an we maximize the privacy for every flat . 

Shadi's House

Shadi's house is a full renovation of a family flat in St John's Wood London, in this project own challenge was to fit in the flat tree bedrooms and tree toilets without touch living and art room.  

Sharazad's Home

Sharazad's Home is a full renovation of two flats in St John's wood London, in this project we join two flats to create a new luxury flat for own client.

Tiziana's Home

Tiziana's Home is the first interior design project we did so far in UK, in this very low budget project we join the request of the client to have a simple open space not visible from the entrance of the house.

Chiappiniello's Home

Chiappiniello's Home is a full flat renovation in Italy in order to create a light open space area at the entrance of the flat with a precise separation from the bed area in the way to guarantee the family privacy in every occasion.

Italo Luxury Houses

Italo is a development of three luxury Homes situate in a beautiful place face to the Mediterranean sea, in this particular project we use only natural element from the same area where we build the houses in the way to embrace the nature of the place, we use materials such as natural stone on the main facade,tuff on the side facade, wood to frame part of the home in the way to create a game of volumes. 

Lissa's Family House

This project is a Full renovation with loft and rear extension of an ancient Family house in Italy , this house is situated in a beautiful position with a surreal view of the Gulf of Gaeta and for this reason we also add value to this property with a creation of a huge terrace to enjoy this surreal view.

Coming Soon

We are going to update with moore project ASAP.